Race Cycling Sound Visual

「4D PLAN 」


September 20, 1969 — Apollo 12 astronauts Pete Conrad, Dick Gordon and Al Bean are recovered by Navy frogmen and hoisted up to a chopper during water egress training.

(NASA: 1, 2)


Sierra Leone on Ebola lockdown

Sierra Leone confined its 6 million people to their homes Friday for the next three days as the Ebola-ravaged West African country began what was believed to be the most sweeping lockdown against disease since the Middle Ages.In a desperate effort to bring the outbreak under control, thousands of health care workers began going house to house in crowded urban neighborhoods and remote villages, hoping to find and isolate infected people. (AP)

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An online tool to encode and decode messages into phrases entirely made up of NSA flagged keywords. Algopop translates to “Oz. fraud DynCorp 877 NAVELEXSYSSECENGCEN Elvis PKK”. Decoding it correctly returns “algopop”. I have no idea how this works so please get in touch if you do to edit this post. 

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