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Humans Need Not Apply by CGP Grey

A short documentary about the automation of jobs and impending human redundancy. The film covers both mechanical labour superseded by robots and professional jobs such as doctors superseded by software bots. The filmmakers offer a provoking comparison to the redundancy of horses. I find this slightly flawed as possibly humans will need to continue to play a role in the economy as consumers, but complicated if their income is perhaps zero? The filmmakers also ignore that both Baxter and Watson have been designed to work alongside humans, so the future workforce could potentially be hybrid rather than one or the other (but in the supermarket checkout scenario it is clear this is not a 50/50 job-share). In any case the film’s final message is very well said: what to do with all the humans who are simply unemployable by no fault of their own? 


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Feeing Crazy~👮 with Mr.BoB night ride trip

點解點解永遠都是地球的另一半明白那些…… 🎺🚴🏁🍴🍻

非常高興 帶領我走到挑戰性的日子!


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